Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My trip to Hong Kong - Day One

Finally, the long awaited Holiday post about Hong Kong!
 It was 12mths in the making, when my sister first asked if I'd like to go to
Hong Kong on a girly trip away.
Months of planning, researching, saving and organising.
Seemed like forever away. Now, it's been and gone.

Just 2 days after I got back from my week on Straddie at the beach,
I packed my bags and headed to Hong Kong!
I was so excited having never visited there before.

So, all in all there were 6 of us!
My sister Kellie, her partner Nadine, Nadine's two sister's Chris and Lorelle
and Chris' daughter Emma, who's nearly 19. A good bunch for a girly week away!

So we all met at the airport at 9am in readiness for our first flight, to Sydney.
There we would meet Lorelle my SIL's sister, who flew in from Nth Qld.

After arriving in Sydney and making a very QUICK trip to the International Terminal to
catch our flight, we arrived with just minutes to spare. The daylight saving time difference
seemed to make the day go fast, and with a super slow bus driver ferrying us from Domestic to International. After being rushed through Customs and Security, we made it, just in the nick of time. Few anxious moments there...

Here's Kel and I ready to take off from Sydney, en route to Hong Kong!

We arrived in Hong Kong very late at night, around midnight.
We hopped on a bus, tired and weary and headed for our Hotel.
Taking in the view on our 30min bus ride was amazing.
Buildings so tall and full of people's apartments. Wow!
They live very differently to us!

We checked in at the Hotel and headed to bed!

Day one - complete!

Chat soon,

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