Thursday, 24 January 2013

My trip to Hong Kong - Day Two

We met for breakfast around 8am.
Not enough sleep for me after getting to bed around 2am, but you can't waste
a day sleeping when there's a big city to explore!

We decided to get our bearings on our first full day in Hong Kong,
and did the Hop On/Hop Off bus for the day!
We had to get to the Ferry Terminal on Hong Kong Island.
We were staying on the Kowloon side.
We worked out how to catch and pay for a ferry and off we went to
the other side!

On board the ferry...
Emma, told you I would post the ferry "photobomb" pic!

Found the bus location too...we were on a roll!

Here's Kel and Dino on the bus, earphones in ears!
They give you a pr of earphones and there's a commentry about where you
are and interesting knowledge about Hong Kong. Was very informative!

Here's a view from the top of the bus! It was only 13 degrees this day.
The coldest of our stay in Hong Kong.
Jeez it was cold up there on the top! Brrr!!!

 Me doing a selfie...did I mention it was windy up there too?
Can you feel how cold I was?

We did the long part of the round trip and ended up over the other side
of the island. Hopped off at the Stanley markets for a look.
Firstly, we headed for a warm drink to thaw out!
We found the cutest little French Patisserie and had Hot Chocolate's
and a danish...Yum!

Onto the Stanley Markets... Here's Em and Kel posing with their shopping!

After our wander it was back to the bus stop.
Do we look like tourists?

Everyone has their part...Kellie's was Travel Co-ordinator!
She had the map, always in hand and ever ready! She's the one with the
best sense of direction too, that and she claimed it as her job.
She likes's a Scorpio thing! lol. I happily tagged along!

We hopped back on the bus and headed back to Hong Kong Island.
Our ticket allowed us to have a Sampan ride, but we really wanted to go
up the Peakand with time running out we had to choose.

Here's the Sampan...

We arrived at The Peak Tram...
You can just see the tram pulling in behind me, just!

The photos don't do the tram justice. It's called "The Peak" for a reason.
It's so steep on the journey up and down there.

We decided we were hungry while up there and had a very late lunch at 3pm,
and dined in the famous Bubba Gumps restaurant! It was delish!
Check out the view from up there?
I was impressed...not, about how high we were??

I have a jelly-leg thing when I am up high. I'm ok if I feel secure.
So much glass up there...I wasn't digging it!!
Hence why Em sat on the window!

Up to the Peak Observation deck for a look-see!
Holy moly, it's high up there.
You feel like you are on top of the world...well, Hong Kong anyway.

The smog is normal for this time of year, their Winter and January is their
coldest month. I'm told on a Summer's day is very clear!

Here's me up on The Peak!

with my sister Kel...

my room mate Emma and I...

and the 3 sisters...Chris, Nadine and Lorelle!

After the Peak tram we did the rest of the circuit on the bus around the
Business District. Is this not the biggest Apple shop you've ever seen?

We had a wander around the shops as we wanted to do the night bus tour and it
started at 7pm! That was busy after dark and especially on a friday night,
not that I think it matters?
It was busy every night from what we experienced.
This was from the top of the bus down Nathan Rd!
Everything lights up at night!

Check out the bamboo scaffolding on this work site?
Felt like Jackie Chan was going to fly down it at any moment with
Chris Rock in tow? Lol.

The streets were ALWAYS busy...

Peking duck anyone?
This was a regular sight in food shops everywhere.

Here's a snapshot of the Temple Street markets. Stalls for as far as you can see.
If you want to buy anything here, you have to work hard and haggle!
Which we did!

 We had a wander through the Temple St markets and headed back to the
Hotel for some much needed sleep.
A huge day for our first full day in Hong Kong!

Tomorrow, we're off to Shenzehn, China!

Chat soon,

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