Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Holidays at Straddie

North Stradbroke Island is affectionately known as Straddie to most Qlders.
Just off the coast from Brisbane. Half an hr drive and an hr ferry ride away.
It's been 2 years since we were here last. The Christmas just before the floods hit
Queensland just a week or so later! Memorable hey?
I remember because it rained for 5 out of the 7 days that we were there.
Funny what you remember?
Not this trip...it was ALL sunshine!

We usually always go away with the other Jamieson crew...Jase's brother Scott,
his wife Kate and their 3 kids, Griffin, Seth and Millie!
Always have heaps of fun with them!

We camped at Flinders Beach...beautiful spot!
Taken on the first afternoon, just a short walk from camp...stormy out to sea,
but we didn't get a drop!

We fished...a LOT!
We were determined to catch something this trip.
Even had a fish dinner(doesn't happen often)...gotta LOVE that! 

The kids boogie-boarded every day...

 Swam at the beach every day...Seth and Ella would spent hrs in there!

Millie loves to just chill.
I adore this pic.

Digging in the sand was pretty fun...

So was boogie-boarding down the dunes!

We(the adults) were all pretty happy to watch the kids and RELAX!

Had a bit of fun out 4WDriving in the bush...

and on the beach.

We went to Brown Lake...

saw Point Lookout's fabulous scenery...

and the great new walkway around the cliffs!

Even got them to stand still for 2 mins to grab a family snap!

A wonderful holiday away yet again!
I do love a good summer beach holiday.

Chat soon,

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