Saturday, 11 February 2012

Meet Bud

Last weekend we added a new member to our family.
A cute little kitty called Bud.

Last friday afternoon, after school we headed down to the RSPCA Animal
Care Campus at Wacol. It's a fabulous location now.
For those that don't know, the RSPCA here in Qld acquired this building a while back.
It was a Youth Detention Centre but it's been converted to a Adoption Centre,
Animal Hospital, Offices, a Cafe, Dog Training area and big Pet Superstore.
It's amazing now.
A far cry from their old delapidated premises at Fairfield, that all went under
in the Qld floods last year.

We'd been talking to the kids about getting a new cat, but we didn't tell them
it was today until we arrived at the shelter.
To say they were excited is an understatement!

The toughest part was picking a kitty.
Their was plenty to choose from.

Although, one of the first kittens Ella laid eyes on was her favourite.
A little male grey tabby cat, who was 9 weeks old.
We found out his name was Tigger and he'd been surrended to the RSPCA.
He had been found wandering and once they located where he came from,
the owners gave him up.
He came in with a sibling but the sibling had already been adopted.
He was so little compared to many of the other kittens.

So, we put our name down to meet him and waited.

We went in to meet him and see if he liked us.
The girl told us he had been a little timid.
He wasn't timid around the kids.
He came straight over to them and they patted him.
He started purring and loved the attention.
The girl said to him..."I think you've found your new home".

Both Zac and Ella were super excited, but they decided they wanted to rename him.
Seeing Ella fell in love with him, Zac had the honor of naming him.
We googled the top 100 boy cat names.
He came up with Bud...also known as Buddy!
It seems to suit him!

Better than Steve or Gary my sister was recommending! LOL.

I have to say what a great job the RSPCA do with the "adopt a pet" progrram.
They have so many animals that need a home.
If you are looking for a pet, try them first.
They do an amazing job finding, looking after and re-homing
thousands of animals each year.
I take my hat off to them!

He's settling in well.
A part of our family already!
Second night he even laid on the lounge with Jase and I and watched a movie!

He's adorable and we love him.
Welcome to the family, Bud!

Chat soon,

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Lizzy Hill said...

Gorgeous kitten ~ hope he gives the kids something to love, care for & get lots of pleasure with...they're a wonderful addition to the family. We only ever go to the RSPCA for our pets:):)