Saturday, 7 January 2012

Macleay Island

We headed off to Macleay Island for a few days after Christmas.
Over to Pop's place...Jase's Dad's.

It's always so relaxing over there.
He lives on the water so the kids have plenty to do.
They kayak, swim and fish, just out the front.
There's a bike track up the road and we took the bikes this
time so it got a work out!

Pop works in Papua New Guinea. He's a Builder and supervises
teams building Eco Lodges, high in the mountains.
This time around, he brought a friend home to Australia
with him. His name was Dubine. Such a lovely guy and we
learnt so much about PNG.
From the war to what people are like,
the landscape and a bit about politics.
It was an interesting visit and it makes me want to
visit there one day.

The kids had a ball, as always.
All the cousins have an Ipod Touch...seems Apple
did pretty well out of the Jamieson's this year!

They loved playing on their bikes.
Millie, who's 4...even had a go at Ella's bike with training wheels,
although it was too big for her! Ella did very well riding Seth's bike
which has no training wheels. Just need to get that confidence up a bit
before we take the training wheels off.

The bike track was fun. Here's Griffin, my nephew doing tricks!

Plenty of water activity.
The girls played on the boogie boards, while the
2 bigger boys headed out fishing on the kayak and Scotty(my BIL)
did some fishing. I'm still waiting for the fish...
We gave in and went and bought some prawns and fish!

The girls decided they'd have a go on the canoe...Look out!

This was funny to watch. Both Ella and Millie are so
strong willed. Makes for some funny conversation and
plenty of  "You're not doing it right!". LOL.
It started off well...

This pic tells the story...Haha!

Then Uncle Scotty did all the work.
They were much happier with that!

All in all, a lovely few days away.
Plenty of fun, movies, relaxing, reading, snoozing,
eating and drinking. I even scrapped a bit one night!
Loved it!

 Chat soon,


georgia keays said...

Hey Michelle :-) thanks for popping into my blog! Lucy is 8.5 and Eliza is 7.5. Hopefully you have a bit longer though. It's scary how fast they grow up hey? G

Michelle Jamieson said...

Sure is, Georgia!!
Fingers crossed I have a bit longer??