Tuesday, 28 June 2011

On board the Dawn

While we were out at sea, there was so much to do.Activities
were on from dawn til well after dusk, even into the early hrs of the morning!
Lots to see and do!

On Thursday morning we headed off to a Culinary Cooking Class.
The Executive Chef on the Ship, Brent cooked 3 dishes that we'd be eating
that day and the next. Three lucky people from the audience got to
sample the delicious food!
I learnt a bit too, which was great!

The Tour Director Sandy, the  Maitre'd was Darren and Brent the Head Chef
all get along very well. They poke fun at each other too, which made it
quite a funny presentation!  I suppose you have to make your own fun
when you're at sea with these guys for months at a time.

Here's Brent in action...

After the Culinary Cooking Class, we could do a tour of the Galley, where they
prepare all the food. Kellie, Tracey and I went for a look.
It was amazing. The doors where all the waiters headed to get our meals
actually had escalators and went downstairs. It was HUGE!!

Here's the chefs cvooking the BBQ lunch.
Check out all that lamb!!! Yum!

How's this for a dishwasher?

They had some amazing hand carved fruit on display down in the galley.
The big marlin was down there too. There were more than
a dozen carvings on display. Aren't these amazing?

How beautiful is the Dining room in the daylight?

It was Formal Night again on the ship on Thursday night.
Time to dress up again!

Yet again we headed to the Show after dinner.
Tonight's was Dancing through the Decades.
It was from the 60's right up to modern day! Fabulous as always!

It was a bit much for one little person...
It had to catch up with him sometime!

After the Show we woke him and I headed back to the cabin with the kids.
I put them to bed when Trace knocked out the door.
The Champagne Waterfall was in full swing and she brought me a glass of bubbles!
Bless her!!!!!
She stayed with the kids while I bolted out and snapped a few photos of the festivities!
Isn't it cool??

That brought Thursday to an end.
I'll tell you about our last day onboard tomorrow.

Chat soon,

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Scrapping Down a Lane said...

Loved reading about your cruise Chelle.... was just like being back on mine xx