Saturday, 25 June 2011

Island Night

Last post I told you all about our day in Port Vila. Once we hopped back on the ship,
it was in full party mode!
Lots of fun activities and gearing up for Island night.
Island night is fancy dress and everyone dressed up!
How could you not with the fabulous array of sarongs on offer??

I bought two. One was for Ella but she wanted to wear a new dress we bought her
with the Disney princesses on it. She was obsessed with it, so I now
have two new sarongs! LOL

We had a few drinks before dinner at The Dome...

Now, seriously...Could Jase have picked an uglier shirt?
I think NOT!

The kids had a bit of a boogie on the Dome dance floor...

Then it was off to the Top deck for some fun...
There was lots of dancing!

The kids joined in the fun of the Hoola Hoop Competition.

There's always lots of fun at dinner.
There was a guy who came around after dinner singing...
"Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT...Have a SHOT, SHOT, SHOT"
It cracked us up and on Island Night it was Shots all round!

I didn't get a photo of the shots but I did of the guy...Can't for the life of me
remember his name? He was LOTS of fun!!

After the excitement of Island Night was over, we headed back to our cabin.
We were greeted by this guy...
A cute elephant that Arjun, our cabin steward has made for the kids.
Ella loved him so much she slept with him!
Thankfully, he was still intact when she woke up!

Next door, Melanie found a rabbit wearing Tracey's sunnies!
The kids loved it and thought they were fantastic!

Cool huh?
Tomorrow I'll tell you about what we got up to on our way back to Brisbane,
onboard the Dawn!

Chat soon,

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Jasmine S said...

I have been following your journey and photos. I cannot believe how much fun it all looks. You are so lucky.
I would just love to do this one day.
Looking forward to your next installment.