Saturday, 16 July 2011

Last day on board the Dawn

A week went by so very quickly on board the Dawn.
All of a sudden it was friday and we were getting closer and closer
to Brisbane.We could feel the change in the weather.
From hot to very cold.While we were away Brisbane had it's
coldest day in 10 years at a top temperature of just 12 degrees.

Our last day still had plenty of activities to do.
After breakfast we headed up to meet the Captain.
His name was Salavatore Lupo. He is an Italian man who started on
big freighters then progressed to Cruise ships. He loves his job.

Next for the day was the Kids Concert. There was various acts in the
different age groups of Turtle Cove, Shark Shak and the teens.
Ella got up and sang with her group. Was very cute!
Zac on the other hand, wasn't so keen.

We watched the last round of the Horse-racing on the last day.
We'd seen the decorated horses wandering around the ship for days,
but didn't really know what it was all about?
So, we headed in to find out. You could bet on each of the different horses
and they ran via a dice system...Kinda like a board game...that was hilarious!
They had lots of fun playing that!

On the last night we said Goodbye and Thanks very much to our
fabulous cabin steward, Arjun. He was wonderful and looked after us
and Tracey and Barrie's cabin. Anything we wanted or needed he saw
we got it. He was wonderful!
Even better, he made our beds every morning...Yes, you don't even
make your bed on board! Loved that...Arjun even popped back later
that night and put a chocolate on the pillow!
How good is he? So the last night, the kids had their photo taken
with him.

After that, we headed to the bar for a pre-dinner drink.
Our nightly tradition!

Zac and Jase enjoying one last cocktail!
Zac's was a mocktail, of course!

Then it was off to dinner.
We ate at the Palm Court Restaurant every night.
On the second night we met two lovely waiters, Selamet and Jamart.
They were so nice and encouraged us to book again on that table.
That table became our table every night.
They really looked after us, night after night.
So, on the last night we let them sit down and we had our
photo taken with them.

It really was a fabulous trip. Seeing amazing ports and having so much to do
on the ship on sailing days. I would highly recommend a Cruise to a family.
We thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking at another one, probably in 2013.
Next time we are thinking the Fiji Cruise...but, that's a little way off!
Chat soon,

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