Saturday, 25 June 2011

Port Vila

I'll tell you about Port Vila today!Port Vila is in Vanuatu. Jase and I had our honeymoon in Port Vila
13 years ago.Can I say, not a lot has changed. Still very similar
in appearance.

One thing I remember from last time was how friendly the people are.
That hadn't changed either. They always greet you with a big smile and a Hello.

We arrived in Post Vila about 7am and by the time Customs clear the ship it
was about 8am. We had an early tour, yet again! It was good though.
We had plenty of time to shop and look around!

Our tour today was a Jet Boat and Snorkel Adventure.
We were picked up early and off we headed into town to meet our boat.
We had two lovely guides that took us out the the reef to snorkel.
Our boat anchored just behind Iririki Island and the reef was amazing.

We saw heaps of fish, including Nemo.
The fish are very inquisitive and happily swim up to you, especially
with bread. The coral is lovely too, but the fish make it.

Neither Zac or Ella had ever snorkelled before, let alone been that deep in the ocean.
Once Zac calmed down and realised that you breathe through your mouth and not
your nose, he was ok. It took a little time to adjust.
Ella was happy with a snorkelling mask,  dipping her head in
now and then to see the fish.
Thank goodness for noodles...the floaty made Jase and my life easier!

Here's me feeding the fish bread out of my hand...This was very cool!

After our snorkelling our guides took us for a ride in the jet boat.
Not your usual "jet boat" we see here. It was more like a tinnie with a
V8 motor!! LOL But, it hooted along and they guides swung it around
 and gave the kids something to squeal at!
The more they squealed, the more they swung it around. It was fun!

They took us around near the ship, which was great!

The kids had a ball on the boat!

Check out this seaplane, just tied up on the beach.
The water was super shallow here. It would have been knee deep.

Here's Iririki Resort...

The main street of Vila...Jase and Zac in search of shopping bargains!

Here's the fruit markets in the heart of Vila.

After our day in Port Vila of snorkelling, shopping, having lunch and a little
more shopping, we headed back to the ship.
The kids were tired and it was hot! Back to the ship for a swim in the pool!
It was the hottest day of our trip at 30 degrees!
May as well make the most of it.

While sitting up on the top deck and after the kids had their swim, the festivities
began on the ship. We waited and watched the Ice Sculping demonstration.

This guy was amazing. He started with a huge block of ice.
It took him 25mins to create this masterpiece, from start to finish.
Impressive huh??
Can you guess what it is??
It's a marlin!

After the ice sculpting, it was time for the barmen to give us a cocktails show!
This was very cool! Very Tom Cruise and the movie "Cocktail". Loved it!
They were good at making them after a week of me drinking them! LOL

Time to leave Port Vila!
Sad, I know.
But the fun was just beginning on the ship. It was "island night".
A big dress-up night for the crew and the passengers! Party night as the crew call it!
I'll do a post tonight with some photos from that!
It was a blast!

Here's some photos as we left, just on sunset from Port Vila!

Ella and I on the top deck, as we left...

Next post is all about "Island Night".

Chat soon,

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