Friday, 11 February 2011

Update on Scrappers Flood Relief

I just thought I'd give you an update on the Scrappers Flood Relief!

We have had so many donations from all over Australia. My Mum loaded her van with 40+ boxes, parcels and satchels of scrappy goodness on Tuesday, all bound for western Qld.
Tomorrow they start their journey out west!

So far we've helped Scrappers in:
Charleton, Vic
Several scrappers in Ipswich, Qld
Fernvale, Qld

The rest of the supplies are being sent to scrappers in Western Qld.
Chinchilla, Condamine, Tara and Dalby...just to name a few!
Condamine in particular, was flooded 5 times in several weeks. Some of those ladies are still living in tents because their homes are not liveable. Sad, isn't it?
Brisbane is recovering. Life is back to normal here for the rest of us, while flood victims fight the Insurance companies for flood coverage on their homes. As if the damage to their home and all their possessions isn't enough? Like they need more stress?

We have organised with a lady in Chinchilla to distribute the remaining supplies to ladies in her area. She knows of many Scrappers/Cardmakers out that way that are in need of some Care Packages.
They have organised a "Ladies Pamper Day" in a few weeks time, where the ladies can come and have a massage, a cuppa, scrap, make cards and generally enjoy each others comapny and forget what's going on. Some of the Supplies will be handed out to the Scrappers/Cardmakers there!
I think it's a fabulous idea!

One of the "Care Packages" went to a lovely Scrapper in Ipswich, named Amber. She has a young family and lost their home in the floods. My Mum hand delivered the box of supplies to her earlier this week.

Here's the beautiful email I received from her:

Hi Michelle,
My name is Amber. I just recieved your scrap parcel and what can I say? I am so overwhelmed with the products that you have sent me... I was not expecting so many great products to get me started again. It just made my day and I had to get on here and say a great big THANK YOU to you and to all those wonderful scrappers out there who have donated so many of their beloved scrap supplies. It will be put to great use and now I have some wonderful supplies I can now start making some wonderful new memories for my family... The support from so many people who don't even know me or my family, just shows the true spirit of Qlders and Australians have and it makes me so proud... Well I just wanted to thank you personally and I will send you a picture of my firstt new layout as soon as I am done.. Please send a thank you to all those great caring scrappers who have donated so much. I am very appreciative and overwhelmed...
Thank you again,
:) Amber xxx

That email from Amber made me cry. All the hard work organising the donations made it worthwhile, just with that email. I'm VERY proud of the wonderful Scrapping Community that we have here in Australia. So giving and helpful in such a time of need for these lovely scrappers that lost everything.
I was amazed with the response from you all out there. I was flooded with emails from across the country and I just wanted to say Thank you, so very much!

Just waiting on the last of the donations to arrive including a very large delivery coming from Perth!
You girls did an amazing job collecting these for me. An extremely BIG Thankyou to Anna from Anna's Craft Cupboard and Mel (and Jenny) from Scraptivate for organising this for me!
Love ya all! XX
To see what these fabulous girls organised, check out the blog.
To all the wonderful scrappers who donated in the West...Thankyou!
I can't thank you all enough!

What a great response from you all across Australia!
I know we've put a lot of smiles on faces this past week, and some tears were shed too, but all for a good result. A job well done!

Chat soon,

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lexie said...

This is wonderful CHelle, your post has me in tears right now. THANKS so much for organising you are just beautiful!