Thursday, 10 February 2011

Weekend away in Ballina

Last weekend we headed off on a little getaway!
We travelled to Ballina in northern NSW. A nice break away for our little family.

Here's the kids having icecream at Macadamia Castle.

We did some fishing.
The kids loved fishing while away at Straddie over Christmas so they were busting to go again!

Ella got bored while the fish weren't biting, so we took some pics!
(She wanted the fishing rod back when we started catching them! LOL)

Then the fish started biting!
Zac caught a nice big Bream and was so excited.
It was the first fish he could keep!

Then I caught this...
The ugliest and biggest toad fish(we think) that you've ever seen!

Jase caught a little Bream, but it was too small and we had to throw him back!
He was most annoyed he was missing out on the biting action while he was rigging lines for us all! LOL

Here's Zac with his catch!
Very proud of it too.

So, all in all the fishing trip was a success!
We caught fish, kids had fun although I got quite sunburnt! Ouch!
You know you're sunburnt when you can see the link chain from your watch on your arm when you're not actually wearing the watch!!!!!

Ballina is such a pretty little coastal town.
Jase's family used to holiday there when he was a kid, so it's a favourite of his and it's fast becoming one of ours!
Here's a shot of the river from our balcony.

Such a gorgeous place.

Chat soon,


Heids xx said...

Wonderful pics Chelle! Looks like you had fun!! And Ella is so much like you!! oh and I do believe your fish is a blowfish...I could be wrong but I think toadfish are smooth...they don't have those lil spikies on them .... have to agree it's an ugly lil critter lol...

Michelle Jamieson said...

Is it, Heids??
Are they the ones that puff up??
Yes, they sure are ugly! LOL