Friday, 7 May 2010

Friday Foto

It's been another busy week.
With a Stationary Stall Fete Commitee meeting, Footy training, Rotations at school, pickups, dropoffs and the general everyday stuff that a Mum does. I'm exhausted!
Luckily we have a quieter weekend.

Zac had his interhouse school Cross-Country today. He did very well and came in 8th. These 6 and 7 yr old boys are becoming quite competitive nowadays. I'm sure that's not going to stop in a hurry?
We'll have to wait and see which house won the day. Lots of tallying up of results before that's announced on Assembly next week.
Zac's class, along with another Grade 2 class did their "Success" presentation on Assembly on Wednesday. Zac didn't tell me he had a part in it. Dancing, no less. No just any dancing, but the breakdancing variety. With robot arms, and a snippet of Michael Jackson's moonwalk! Totally cracked me up!

Tonight we've been to Zac's footy game. They played tonight before the Under 16's youth match.
Zac's team improved considerably after last week. The score is not recorded in Under 8's, but I think we won, as we kicked far more goals than the other team. Zac had a great game and even received the Encouragement Award for this week. I have a VERY stoked 6yr old tonight!!

Onto my friday foto...
While we were away in Hahndorf, I took some pics of us all on a groovy old chair that was in our 2 bedroom villa. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be great!!

Here's Ella, in the groovy chair amongst the beautiful autumn trees...

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,

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