Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday Foto

It seems like ages that I updated my blog. More than a week and a half, actually.
I'm usually pretty good at blogging.
I'll have to tell you all about my trip to Adelaide and Hahndorf.
A totally fabulous place. Promise I'll do a post about it over the weekend.

Onto today's photo...
We went to the Adelaide Zoo while we were away in SA. Mainly to see the delightful new Pandas, Wang Wang and Funi but we also saw some cute creatures.
Who doesn't love a meerkat??
They are so cute and very good subjects to photograph. They seriously love to pose!
Check out this guy.

A little slower paced this weekend. I think we all need it.
Zac's AFL Footy is on in the morning. I'm doing "my time" in the canteen...Oh joy!!
Then, we are off to find a new front door. Our old one is starting to fall apart!

Have a good weekend...a lovely long weekend here in Qld.
It's our May Day, or Labour day.

Chat soon,

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Moira said...

They're photogenic little critters aren't that? I got some great ones at the Western Plains Zoo a few years ago.