Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday Foto

My Friday Foto today is of my gorgeous daughter, Ella.
She just LOVES Babycino's, and every time we are out having a cuppa she has to have one.
She's such an old woman!
Here she is having one while we were out for Nana's Birthday last weekend.

In other news this week, my favourie Aussie County Star, Adam Brand...Well, he won CMC's "Aussie Artist of the Year"...for the 4th year running. He's quite the star!!
I've been keeping up with him on Facebook, as he's living in Nashville in the US at the moment.
He has had funny comments, and what it's like for an Aussie living in a foreign land!

The other excitement for today is the release of the trailer for the next installment of the Twilight series. Next in line is Eclipse, and it looks great!! Even though I've read the book, I'm busting to see the next one!!Jacob and Edward look very NICE in it...LOL

Looks great huh?
Bring it on.

Enjoy your weekend.

Chat soon,

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