Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Another busy weekend...

We haven't had a busy one for a while, but last weekend certainly was!

Friday night my nephew Michael stayed over, and a movie night was in order. We watched "Distracted", which wasn't too bad. I even picked the bad guy, before he was revealed he was the bad guy!

Saturday morning, Mum and I headed off to the BrisStyle Indie Markets at Racecourse Rd, Ascot.
I've actually joined this fabulous group of handmade artists and I'm quite excited about it all.
I'm hoping to have a stall at these markets in a few months time.
Mum came home with treats for everyone...delish cupcakes from Enticing Icing.

Saturday afternoon saw us head to Ipswich, to see Jase play is first game of Superleague Indoor Cricket in about 8 years! They did quite well to, having not all played together before. Unfortunately they went down by about 30runs. We found out later there were 2 Australian players in the team, so they were quite proud of themselves in doing so well.
Jase woke up sore on Sunday. Not as young as he used to be. LOL

After cricket, Jase and his brother Scotty headed to their Primary School Reunion. They had a great time catching up with old friends and finding out what they had been up to after all these years!

Sunday we got together with my side of the family. It was Mum's Birthday yesterday, so we all headed out for lunch at a restaurant near us. Very delish meal, although we had some drama. The waitress dropped a bottle of coke on me. Down my back, front, down my pants and into my shoes...NICE!! LOL
Poor thing, she was only new and felt terrible. I was more in shock. I didn't expect her to drop it and it caught me by surprise. What can you do? These things happen.
Then back to our place for coffee and cake.
It was an eventful day and weekend but plenty of fun!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!

Chat soon,

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Susan said...

You really did have a busy and wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see how the handcrafted group works out :) Enjoy the rest of your week and tell your mum a happy belated birthday for me.