Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Andy

We had a great night out at Andy's 21st Birthday on friday night.
It was a cocktail dress affair, which was fun. You don't go to much these days where you have to really dress up. The Library Bar was a beautiful setting too, with delicious food and of course plenty of drinks.
A must at any celebration!

The speeches were quite funny, and I heard a few things I didn't know about Andy.
Andy's Mum, Chris tried to speak but cried instead(Poor thing).
The cake was superb, the DJ and dance floor were calling my name, so I danced the night away with plenty of friends and family. Emma, Andy's younger sister is a great singer so she sang a song was lovely.

Here's Jase and I with the Birthday boy, Andy...

Most of the family...there's a couple missing.

Jase and I

My sister Kellie and I being silly with the camera!

Kellie, Nadine and me.

My Mum and Dad.

Kellie and I with Mum and Dad.

Andy and his cake.

Quite a few woke with sore heads next morning.
Some sorer than others, hey Dino??
It was a great night and I'm so glad Andy had a fabulous night!

Andy's actual Birthday is Happy Birthday Andy!!

Chat soon,

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