Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday Foto

The end of another week, and Summer this weekend.
From Monday, it's Autumn. Isn't the year flying by already?

Today's Friday Foto is of my little man, Zac.
He had a big day yesterday. The Principal presented him with his Student Councillor badge at Assembly. He is so very proud of it and himself for that matter. He's even been to his very first Council Meeting.
So, in mark of such a big occasion in any 6yr old's life...I took some pics of him in his uniform wearing his badge this aftenoon. Loving how this turned out!

We have a Birthday to celebrate tomorrow...Grandpa's!!
So we are off to a BBQ lunch with all the family.
Should be fun!

Chat soon,


kathie said...

Congratulations Zac. What a great achievement.

Louise Sutton said...

Yay, Zac! Hope he enjoys the role. :-D