Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday Foto

It's friday...Yay!
I'm off to a 21st Cocktail Party tonight, which should be heaps of fun!
Can't wait for that. I'll give you all the details soon, along with some happy snaps!!
I've been designated as the official photographer, well, me and my sister Kellie have.
Could be a very interesting night???

So, onto today's photo.
I have been searching for red cushions to go on my lounge for quite some time. I just hadn't found the right thing, just yet?? Matching to a "real tomato red", instead of a magenta or off into the maroon shades became quite the battle. That was, until I found these in Loot last week.
They were perfect! Something with a pattern was fine by me, and they caught my eye as soon as I saw them.
Made my day when the sales lady at Loot told me they were 40% off...You've got to love that!!
I think I was supposed to have those cushions!!

I just love my Santorini picture on my wall, with the big red vase and roses on the edge.
Such stunning colours, and they mat my colour scheme beautifully!

Here's what they look like on my lounge....

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,

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xoxAlyssaxox said...

Hope you have fun at the party Hun.. I love the cushions and the picture is gorgeous!! Much love xx