Friday, 12 February 2010

Friday Foto

We have a new craze in our house!
Apparently Tech Decks have hit the 6yr old toy scene at school.
I've been nagged all week for one. So, as promised a trip to the shops this afternoon to purchase a Tech Deck. Can you believe they only had a few left? They must be popular??

Seeing Ella is not so into the boy things, she got a new bunny rabbit for her Littlest Pet Shop Collection.

So, they make up my Friday Foto today...

Have a fabulous weekend!

Chat soon,


'Joyce' said...

Yes, my 2 are into the tech decks also. They flip them and stick their lego men on them down the ramps they make. So much fun.

Chantal said...

Awww! My DD1 is so into LPS too. She hasn't got into the Tiniest Tiniest Pet Shop yet though! LOL! I think they're already small enough! Love your blog! :)