Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tamworth Country Music Festival

Well, it's been just over 2 weeks since we got back from our girly road trip to Tamworth, or the "Cougar Road Trip", as our husbands were calling it!
I went with Tracey(my SIL) and Gypsy on the Thursday with my sister Kellie and Nadine joining us on friday. As you know, Jase and I go to Tamworth most years and the past few the kids have come too.
This time was a little different. Without having the kids you can do more "adult" things like heading to the club and seeing bands at any time of the day or night, shopping and eating out every meal!

We arrived late Thursday afternoon. This year we stayed at Tent City, located just behind West Tamworth Leagues Club and one of the main clubs at the Festival. They have some great bands/acts on there!!
So, we checked in, so to speak and found our tent, where everyting was and unpacked before freshening up and heading out for dinner on night one.
After dinner, we decided to go to the Garth Brooks Tribute Show. I know about 2 songs of Garth Brooks, but Trace and Gyps belted out every word whil Ihad a few drinks to get into the mood.
I awoke with a headache, so it must have been a good night!!

Here's our home for the 4 days/3 nights...

 Here's what the football oval looked like....

Friday was supposed to be HOT, and OMG it was all that and more!! 40 degrees and absolutely stinking! Coming from Qld we are used to heat but not like that!! We have humid heat, not dry heat that sweat runs down your back into your bumcrack kinda heat!!! It was shocking!
So, needless to say we couldn't sleep in the tent longer than about 7.30-8am. That was the limit.
We headed to the Club for breaky before hanging around in the aircon, in the Club til Kel and Dino arrived which was mid morning. Then, we did the markets over before it got too hot. Bought a few goodies, mainly for the kids before finding Club 83 for lunch. Headed downstairs afterwards to check out the band. Saw "Simply Bushed" who are a country bush band and were great. Then we stayed and saw "Luke O'Shea", who my SIL wanted to see and because it was so damn hot outside.
Well, Luke's show was the funniest one we saw in Tamworth. They have great music with heartfelt lyrics, and are very funny in between songs when they explain how the song came about. Really enjoyed that, so have bought a CD and it's playing in my car at present!
Then, time got away and it was about 5.30pm so we headed back "home", to get ready and call the family before heading to the Club for night two. This was why we came this year. I have talked about this show before and I swear it's Adam Brand's BEST SHOW of the year...His midnight Birthday Bash!
So, I dragged 4 friends this year and they all loved it!!
We lined up early to get into the show, to get into the mosh pit, right up the front...I wasn't missing out this year. We wanted to be part of the action up the front!!
Had a fabulous time, and yet again his best show to date. Stumbled on back to the tent about 3am...Life is good!!

Up Saturday morning for breaky. Not quite as hot as friday, thankfully.
Headed into town again for a little more shopping and another band gig, this time at Diggers.
We headed off to go visit Jase's Nana and stopped for a few hours over a cuppa and cake.
She loved seeing Trace and I. Was nice to catch up with her.
Back to Wests to get ready...yet again...this time it was dinner with Jase's Uncle Brian. Had a lovely catchup with him, some yummy Chinese, a few drinks and off to Wests again.
Trace and I really wanted to see Travis Collins at midnight but weren't planning on a big night, as we had a long drive home the next day. We both love Travis' music and I have his CD's, so we were goning to stay for the first set and head to bed. Well, once you have a drink or two and get into the dancing mood...that's it. Again we stumbled home at 3am...LOL

Here's Trace and me with Travis...

Travis in action.

Then it was up the next morning, to have a good breaky and hit the road. Back to Qld...Back to reality.
I was so tired, but it was so worth it.

There was lots of this...

I loved every minute of it and when you can share it with close friends likeI did, it's even better.
The girls are talking next year already, which is great!! We might even have a few extras by the sounds of it!
Bring on Tamworth 2011...

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

Nice seeing the old haunts! Sound like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Oh I mean't to say, yes the heat out there is crazy heat! Its like dessert heat, so dry and the sunrays are just burning.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I too have stayed in tent city but now opt to share a house with air-con and a pool!!

Take care,


Michelle Jamieson said...

Thanks is HOT!!!LOL

Hi Lisa...This was our first time in Tent City. We usually stay with relatives but opted for the "rougher" version this year!!

Chelle Xx

Gypsyangel said...

Omg we need to know where this house with air con and pool is Chelle.