Wednesday, 20 January 2010

I'm off to Tamworth...

Yep, all packed and ready to go....
A very early rise for me in the morning.

I can't wait, actually.
It'll be a lovely break away from everyday life. Something you need every now and then.
A road trip with some girlfriends...I think it's just what the Dr ordered!!

I'll quickly share a layout I created the other's a sketch by the delightful DinaWakely, over at Pencil Lines this month.

See you all early next week, with I'm sure a ton of photos!!

Chat soon,


Annmaree said...

oh wow, I have family there and originally came from "gunnedah" near there. small world isnt it!?


'Joyce' said...

Chell, have a wonderful time with the girls.

Mel said...

Have a Fab time your lot... ;P

Susan said...

Have fun, girls :)