Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday Foto am I doing this post if I'm not near my PC??
Tricky, aren't I?? LOL

This week's photo is a little delight my sister, Kellie graced us with this week.
She saw these being made on Better Homes and Gardens a few weeks ago.
I also let her in on a secret that a good friend of mine's, MIL makes these amazing little creations at her grandkids birthday parties and they are gobbled up in no time!

They were VERY yummy...thanks Kel...for these delish little treats!!

Aren't they the cutest little teacups??

Chat soon,


Sarah Rickard said...

They are very cute :-)

Scrapping Down a Lane said...

arrrrrrrrrrrr you must be in a tent in the main street. Do enjoy your weekend away ant yum they do look nice

Monica said...

Yummo! They look delish ;0)