Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday Foto

It's been a week since I lasted posted. That's not like me. I usually have plenty to chat about?? LOL

We are enjoying the school holidays. We have successfully cleaned out the kids bedrooms, had some visitors and survived the dust storm this week. It was such a weird day, with sun somewhere up above us, we just couldn't see it? It was so thick you could taste the dirt. My chest felt heavy and my eyes was gritty. I have enough trouble with allergies and my eyes, to suffer grit in them! Yuk!
Needless to say there's red dirt everywhere and they have eased water restrictions so we can clean houses, driveways and cars for the next week or so. But, there's supposed to be another one tomorrow, so we think we'll hold off. That and I have a busy weekend!

I'm off to check out a Handmade Expo tomorrow, watch the Cts beat the Saints...well, hopefully...and head out to a Hens night tomorrow night!
Should be heaps of fun...I can't wait!

Here's today's pic...

I'll leave you with a cute Youtube video I saw on the news last night.
Made our family giggle. Beyonce sure has an effect on people!

And here's another clip of the same song...with Justin Timberlake and some guys from Saturday Night Live in America. It's been out a while, and you've probably seen it, but it still cracks me up. You see the skit making the clip here.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!

Chat soon,


Susan said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Thanks for the videos, Chelle. Good to hear you are having a great week of holidays!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video of the little tot Chelle.. enjoy the holidays with your kidlets and fabo Foto again this week... was wondering why no blog line came up in my Favorites all week, so not YOU!!! I see your had a very happy doe's nite out xxx