Thursday, 17 September 2009

Doodling Tutorial

I'm doing a little series of Doodling Tutorials over at Scrap n Craft with T.
They can be found on the blog here.
You'll see them on a fortnightly basis, on a Tuesday.

My first Tutorial went up this Tuesday.
Just a simple one to start with.

I created this cute playing card, using a SHE quote.
"She was an artist and her life was a canvas"

I love that quote. It says so much about us creative people, in particular Scrapbookers, who try to record our life on a page.

Here's my playing card...


Til tomorrow...

Chat soon,

1 comment:

kathie said...

Love how you're de-mystifying doodling and making it easy - which of course it is. I use that doodled line heaps in my work too- although I find that two lines easier - it seems to accommodate messy (as in not straight) line drawing better :)