Sunday, 13 September 2009

He's off to the Fairytale Ball...

It's been another busy week, with lots of things happening.
Zac has been learning about fairytales this term. So, last Thursday was the Grade One Fairytale Ball. Such a big event in any 6 year old's life.
Zac decided to go as Ali Baba from the Forty Thieves.

There were so many different characters, from wolves, billy goats, Princesses, Princes, woodcutters and about 8 Little Red Riding Hood's...just from one calss alone!
They all looked great and were introduced to the audience(ie. the parents) and they chatted about their costumes. Like at any ball, they had a bit of a dance, (parents included) followed by a very BIG morning tea!
It was a very nice morning out!

Here's Zac.
This was taken at school, after all the festivities.

A very BIG THANKYOU to Grandma for the vest and pants that she made.
It is very much appreciated.

Ella's been telling everyone that Zac is dressing up as "Lady Gaga". Totally cracks me up every time she tells someone. Lady Gaga and Ali Baba are two VERY different people. I think she's worked out the difference now?? LOL

We had a visitor in our car this week.
A big green treefrog, that gave me a hell of a fright when putting school bags in the back of the car. We have a Nissan Pathfinder and it jumped onto the back window making me jump!
It's not every day that a treefrog hurtles itself towards you! LOL

In other news, I made it into Round 7 of Embellished Idol.
This week we had to make some "wearable art". I loved this challenge.
Being a Hairdresser, I love wearing big hair and putting things in it!
So, this was right up my alley!

Here's what I created!

We'll see how we go this week??

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

Loved Ali Baba..looked great.
But how fantastic is that hair piece..I love!!!!!! Well done gotta win with that!
Love SIL Tracey xx

♥ Di ♥ said...

Aw chelle, you have a very cute lady gaga there! lol
And I am in love with you hair creation, just fantastic!
well done!♥

Renee said...

OOOhhh I love that hair piece, it is a stunner!