Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Skywalk

What a place??
We took a trip down to Mount Tamborine today to visit the new Skywalk.
For those who aren't Queensladers, Tamborine is about an hr drive from Brisbane.

Now, I'm not the best with heights at any given time, so this was a little on the scary side for me. My "jelly legs" tend to appear when I can see the bottom from a great height. I have no idea why? It just happens.
My mind tends to go into overdrive then...thinking what could happen??
So, given that and a skywalk that've got a hell of a combination.
I can safely say I did it...even if I was hanging on the whole way!!
Hard to believe I know, but Dad has the video to prove it!!

So, it takes about an hr to do the walk and it is fabulous. Lots to see, including a stunning waterfall and some fabulous views. I'd highly recommend it.
The kids had a ball!

Here's us at the start of the walk...

How beautiful is this??

This pic shows just how high the platforms are on the Skywalk.
This particular platform sways like crazy!! Fabulous views though.

So after we did the Skywalk we headed to the beautiful old pub, the Saint Bernard.
It's an old, german style pub...cosy and warm with the most amazing view out the back. We all had a delicious lunch, then checked out the surrounds.
We found these guys...I wonder what they were looking at??

This is the view from the back of the pub...and what a moment to capture.
Miss Ella and Pa checking out the view!

Then a trip back to the main village to check out the shops. Old crafty shops from old wares, to arty handmade goodies and then the most delicios fudge...Yum!
I brought home to some very special Peppermint Swirl, which is yet to be devoured.

I must say the sleepy little village that I remember as a teenager is not what it is today. Very busy, especially on a weekend...but lots of fun none the less.

A fabulous day was had by all.
What did you get up to this weekend?

Chat soon,

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Crazymumm said...

I adore that very bottom Photo... its a Classic Chelle (gotta love both of them) xxx what a wonderful place it looks, and I get the heigth thing, but guest what I have to climb 'The Harbour Bridge' in November... shaking in my boots already :0 ~~~~~~~ +:)