Monday, 4 May 2009

Wiggly fun

Lots of Wiggly fun was had today!!
We headed up to Toowoomba to the beautiful Empire theatre to see the Wiggles.
The kids loved it. There were 3 adults. My friend Lee-Ann, her hubby Glenn and me, with 6 kids in tow. We did pretty well.
They all had fun, danced and sang. Zac thinks he's a bit old for it now, but secretly he had a good time.
Lee-Ann and I have decided that Captain Feathersword makes the show, and he's pretty easy on the eye too!! LOL

Here's Ella and Hollee...waiting for the action to start.
These 2 are about 7 mths apart in age, and after our camping trip are jpined at the hip. All they do is talk about the other. It's very cute!
They had their red roses ready to give to Dorothy.

Here's a snap of the show...

It was a beautiful Autumn day today.
For a place that can be so icy cold, and Toowoomba being on top of the range, today was gorgeous.
They couldn't have picked a better was a public holiday here in Qld today.

It's been a while since I've been up to Toowoomba. It's such a pretty place. Lots of lovely trees overlapping the streets, and beautiful old buildings.
It's a delightful place!

I'm off to watch Underbelly. It's the last episode tonight. I can't wait!

Chat soon,


Annie said...

Gosh, I can remember taking photos of The Wiggles 12 years ago! I have a wonderful picture of Grace and Murray (her favourite).

Sounds like a beautiful day you had!

Alicia said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. It would have been nice to go up to Toowoomba because it shouldn't be too cold there at the moment. My DD only just starting to get into the Wiggles. It's so cute the way they dance, especially to Rockabye Your Bear!

scrapwitch said...

awww wiggle time
i have pics of miss evy on stage with anthony and dorothy..hehheheh she was giving dorothy hand made roses she had created and anth. bought her up on stage with them...
the chick next to me who i didnt know took a few shots and sent them too me ...heheh
had to share that one
love to your gorgeous family...and beautiful U
im planning on a brissy trip in the next few months and would love to catch up
zane is coming ..yippppeee

kathie said...

I'm an Underbelly fan too. i don't know what I'll do with myself now that it's not on anymore.

I am also a fan of Captain Feathersword, I'll admit :)