Sunday, 3 May 2009

Birthday Celebrations

We went to Hollee's 3rd Birthday today. Hollee and her family are long time friends of ours. It was a great afternoon catching up with friends and celebrating a special little girl's big day!
She had a "Dorothy" tea party, as she's Dorothy mad!!
Our kids had a ball, and were very tired tonight.
How cool is that cake??

We are off on another treat tomorrow. The Wiggles are in performing in a large county town, not too far from Brissy. The kids are very excited, especially Ella!!
We are going with Hollee and her family, which will be nice.
A very fun day out, with some little Wiggle fans!

We've had a lovely weekend with Jase home. Not too much, just relaxing mainly.
He heads back to Melbourne early tomorrow morning.

Auskick was on Sat morning. Zac absolutely loves it!
He got all his new gear this weekend, so the shirt has barely been off his back, while the footy has been given a workout in the backyard! It's great to see.

We watched a couple of movies friday night, so here's my movie review.
Slumdog Millionaire - Fabulous movie. Loved it all, although a little violent in parts, but a great feel good movie. Had us smiling at the end!
I highly recommend it!
Frost/Nixon - Great if you like political and historical drama. Was a little slow to start, but it ended well. I'm a little young for the whole Nixon thing...I was 3 when he gave that interview in 1977. LOL

Lastly, I have a few layouts to share.
These I have done recently for Anna's Craft Cupboard and the Step by Step of the "Five Favourites @ 5" layout is up on the blog.

I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!

Chat soon,


Alicia said...

That cake was awesome!! What town are the Wiggles playing in? I can't wait until I can take my kids to things like that.
Love the LOs too. Much more work seems to have gone into them than my recent rush jobs for my mother-in-law's mothers' day album.

SkyeMJ said...

I was travelling when I heard about Frost/Nixon, and I asked several Americans I met to explain the situation to me and none of them really knew anything about it!

I always got "Umm there were some secret files... Watergate was a hotel..." !!!

Love those layouts - that 5@5 one is gorgeous! :)