Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Zac had his school Cross Country this morning.
He has been very excited about running it, and was a little "pumped" about the whole thing this morning. At 5, that competitive spirit is starting to kick in!

Here's some snaps from this morning...

Ready to get started.

Away they go.

Coming into the finish line.

Zac's the last boy in red in this photo. He's in Skehan house.
I can happily report he came 6th today and was mighty stoked with his effort.
All you hope is that they try their best and he certainly did that!

Chat soon,


Libby said...

Great photo Chelle. We have ours tomorrow but I think we have a few more students - 600 in total. I hope he had a memorable day

Leanne Stamatellos said...

wow Chelle - Zac did well - Ethan came 31st and he was stoked having come last with the teacher last year due to illness.