Friday, 20 March 2009

Friday Foto

It's been another full on week.
Work and school, plus a little scrapping in between. I have heaps on atm.

Today I went for a bike ride with my SIL Amanda. We are preparing for a BIG Bike ride in about 6 weeks time. The Ride we are doing is called the Mall to Mall. Brisbane City, Queen St Mall to Ipswich City Mall. It's 50km's!!
I know!! I must be crazy??
How did Manda talk me into this????

I'll be estatic if I finish it!! So, today we did 8km's and my legs didn't hurt too much, but my butt is a totally different story!!
If 8km's is torture, how am I gonna last 50??
I think I need to go in search of a well padded comfy seat!! LOL
Wish me luck??

Another busy day tomorrow with sport. As Little Athletics comes to a close, Auskick is beginning. It's gonna be busy!!
Luckily one's in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
Zac loves both and is very excited about starting Auskick. Uncle Scotty is even going with him and he's stoked about that!!
Daddy is still away, working in Melbourne. He'll be home next weekend!

So, a chilling day. I have nothing planned and I'm excited. I might even get some scrapping done! ;)

Here's my Friday Foto...

The Stamp Shak CC is on this weekend. Drop by if you have time.
We have some fun Challenges with a "Amazing Destinations" theme!
Gift Vouchers at the Stamp Shak are up for grabs!

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,


Crazymumm said...

No rest for the wicked Hey Chelle xxx your been so so busy! do you have time to breath xxx love your new pic and so happy your class went so well at the show (sad that I live so farrrrrrrrr away) chin up hope Jas returns soon xxx

Scrapsister said...

Go for a gel bike seat Chelle...can't go wrong. I cycled all over San Francisco a couple of years ago and swear by a gel seat.
Have fun!

tracey said...

liking you pic... a bit saucy for you chelle - lol

ScrapManda said...

LOve your shiny hair in this pic too Chelle! When I first read this post I wondered what I'd talked you into - til I realised it was your SIL Manda not me :)