Saturday, 27 December 2008


I love Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Resort. One of my favourite places!
For those not from SE Qld, Tangalooma is on Moreton Island, about a 1hr 20min Catamaran ride across the Bay from Brisbane.

It's beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue water...there's something refreshing about it. Totally recharges the soul!

Always great to meet up with family and have a fun, action packed day together!
We had a Wild Banana ride, and I got the jump seat in the front. So much fun. Ella and Zac stayed with Nana while we had some fun, and Ella was worried we weren't coming back?? LOL A little reassuring from Nana and she kept playing in the water and building sandcastles, til we got back.
My sister took some pics, so I'll have to wait til she gets home and gives me some. Promise I'll share when I get a pic.

A lovely leisurely lunch, another swim and it was time to get ready to catch the boat back! The day went so fast...always does when you're having a blast!

The kids just love the water, as you'll see in the pics...especially Ella. Beach babies both of them! Love it...I'd have it no other way living in Qld!

Here's some pics from today...
On the way over, you pass by the Port of Brisbane. Zac was quite taken by some of these huge ships.

On Tangalooma...

You know it's Christmas time when you see this many boats!
Last time we were here, there was about 5. Mum lost count at 40 this morning!

Ella had a ball!

My sister Kellie and me

Just before we boarded the boat for were tired. Can you tell?

Ella actually fell asleep before we left the jetty and headed for home.
A big day for all of us!

Tomorrow we are off to Grandma and Grandpa's for Christmas with Jase's family!
So, there will be another big pic post tomorrow night! LOL

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


ScrapManda said...

Wow looks like you had a great day! Hope the trampoline injuries have healed Jase & Chelle! Enjoy your continuing Christmas gatherings!

I am... said...

hey chelle :)
love those shots, looks great.
and i gotta say i loved the christmas carol singing superman from a few posts back, how cute is hee!!!

Jbsmum said...

Oooh Tangalooma ! I love that place (well i did aprox 20 yrs ago lol) I might just have to venture over that way if i can manage it. Tell me more ?? I want to take the kids sand dune tobogganing can you do that on a day cruise ??

PM me if you prefer.