Monday, 17 November 2008

What a weekend...

I had a wonderful time away at the Scrapchat Retreat at Warana on the Sunshine Coast. A fabulous weekend of scrapping, friendship and not much sleep!
I arrived about 6pm to the Beach house, a chat to everyone then dinner and we scrapped the night away. Saturday was much of the same, then Sunday I spent the day doing a Point Shoot Play workshop. Wow...there's such a world out there!
It opened my eyes up to all the things you can do in Photoshop! Just awesome, so now I'm eagerly awaiting my Birthday present to arrive! :)
I'll fill you in what it is soon....

Did you hear about the worst storm we've had in 20 yrs...or so they say?
I had to delay my trip home til later last night due to the storm. It didn't hit the Sunshine Coast quite like it hit Brisbane so it seems. Jase called me and told me to hold off heading for home til the worst had passed. So, I had dinner with the girls still at the house before heading home around 7.30pm. What a wild ride it was...heavy rain, an accident and a huge traffic hold-up. A drive that hould have taken me an hr ended up over 2 hrs. None the less, I made it home safely, and passed through 3 suburbs that had lost power and traffic lights. It's so dark with no street lights. Something we don't see a lot of.

We faired ok at our place. Just water coming in under a door and in a window, but nothing major. Jase said we lost power but only for a few minutes. We live in Brisbane's northern suburbs where the worst damage was done. The Gap and Ferny Grove are not far from our place and seemed to have been hit the hardest. There's some details on the storm here.
We are in for another storm Wednesday or Thursday, or so they are predicting. Let's hope it's not as wild!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


ScrapManda said...

It was a great weekend wasn't it! Thanks for the laughs and inspiration! Loved your company - even when you were being cheeky to me ;)

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhh I bet you had a wonderful time, you so couldn't help that with the wonderful bunch you scrap with at the retreat each time Chelle and I bet I can guess what your new present will be Lucky You... you deserve it xxx