Sunday, 19 October 2008

Another weekend over...

Yep, another one down and closer to Christmas.
Where do the weeks go?

I headed off to the Soccer on friday night. My sister, Kellie had 2 spare tickets to Ella and I went with Kel and Dine to watch the Qld Roar vs. Adelaide. Having never been to a live soccer game, I can see the frustration that this sport players and spectators! LOL
Lots of acting from both teams seems a very unfair way to play sport. There's no sportsmanship in Soccer...all for what you can get! Apart from that we had a great time and Ella loved it, except for the yelling. She wasn't into that, until we had to Boo, when Adelaide was kicking for a penalty goal. She thought that was fun.
It was her first ever BIG sporting event, and she was pretty good...for a 3yr old.

Here's a pic of Charlie Miller's penalty kick for goal...he didn't convert sadly.

Saturday we spent looking for a new lounge. Needless to say, we still haven't got a new one. I came home with a headache after seeing so many we go chaise, recliner or sofa?? What to do...we ended up coming home to clear our heads. We'll tackle it again soon.

Little Athletics on Saturday afternoon for Zac. Always lots of fun.

Today we have done all the housework, washing and Jase mowed. Our house is looking very tidy...well, for now anyway!

Tomorrow is a pupil free day here in Qld, so it's a little like a long weekend. It's good though. It's nice having Zac home.

I've completed my layout for Week 7 of Project Scrapaway. This week we had to use at least 3 stationary supplies. Had fun with this...I used an envelope, some paperclips and staples.
Some pics of Ella and me on Dorothy's Rosy tea cup ride at Wiggle world.

I also want to give a big Shout out to Rebecca from Edward and Lilly. She showcased my birdies on her blog and gave them a huge wrap which totally made my day! Rebecca is a Brissy girl who makes beautiful handmade creatures and sells on Etsy. They are gorgeous!

I have stocked my Etsy with a heap of new birdies. You can check them out here.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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tracey said...

what a great layout - and how revealing are your fridays memoirs... arghhhhh... you have so many pics