Friday, 24 October 2008

Flashback Friday

It's friday again!
I've been super busy this week, and am updating my blog, then I'm off to bed.

The Craft and Quilt Fair is on here in Brisbane this week. Set Up was Tues, then the show began on Wed. I've worked each day and still have Sat and Sun to go. I'm tired already!
All is going well, though...which is good. It's great chatting to like-minded people who really enjoy their hobby. It's nice to motivate them and teach them new things.

5 Kids and a dog also have a new release of words, that I have designed, which is exciting! They are going really well.

On to today's flashback...
Back in 1986, I did very well with Netball. I can't remember what all these awards are for, but I do remember this was my very first Best and Fairest award.
I was very proud of myself. I played Netball competively until I was 18. I made Regional school sides and Ipswich Representative sides, as well as playing at Club level. I even snagged the "Representative Player of the Year" when I was just 17, something that hadn't been done before in an Ipswich Representative side. I then lost my passion for Netball at that level when politics came into it...coaches and sporty mothers that pushed the boundaries on who knew who...I wasn't into that and just stopped all!

That's when I found Touch Footy and fell in love with the sport. I played in my Senior year at school and made the Regional side in that, too. I played that competively up until Ella was born.
So, that's my sporting run-down!!

Here's the pic of me and my trophies.

Chat to you soon,
Chelle Xx


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Haha Cool Photo Chelle - you haven;t changed much! Congrats on the new 5 Kids and a Dog Words release.

Julie said...

Hi Chelle.
Catching up & reading everyone's blogs now that i'm home.
Looks like you've been busy (as usual) over the past few weeks.
Love the Dorothy Tea Cup LO ... cute!!

Tanyah Payne said...

Aw chelle! i love that photo of you!
Goodluck with all the shows and can't wait to see the new five kids and a dog words
Luv tanxX