Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Weekend Away at the Gold Coast

We had a fabulous weekend away at the Gold Coast. 3 days of fun with Kylie, Peter and the kids. The kids all get along well, although they have their moments, as all kids do, but on the whole...played together pretty well.
Kylie and I sat up and watched the Opening Ceremony after dinner, along with our bottle of wine to keep us company. The boys had a bonding session at the bar, apparently to watch the footy!!
It was a long night, watching the ceremony. We thought that the Aussies would come in early, being A in the alphabet, as most Opening Ceremonies go, but the Chinese had different ideas. They came in 2nd last!! How does that work??
We gave up at 1am, and headed to bed. Then to find out later they came in at 1.10am!!
I couldn't believe it!!
It was good though...I loved the 2008 drums towards the beginning the best!

Saturday, Kylie and I hit Harbour Town after breakfast and wandered through the door back at the Resort around 5pm, exhausted!! We had shopped our little hearts out!! Got a few nice things. The boys had the kids for the day.

Sunday was our trip to Dreamworld. The kids have been talking about this for weeks, so they were so excited!! The day started well, and everyone one got WET, on either the log ride or the Rapid ride...nothing like wet daks in Winter!! LOL
The day just flew by, with rides, a visit to the Big Brother House and checking out plenty of attractions. My nephew Michael is a bit of a thrillseeker at 11, so we took it in turns going on rides with him. Jase took on the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror, while I did the new Mick Doohan ride and the Wipeout!!
Lots of fun!! We all headed home exhausted, yet again!!

Monday was a quiet start, with breaky then a stroll around Surfers Cavill Mall, before some lunch. Then the kids and I headed for home.
We had a great weekend away. It was just what the Dr ordered.

Kylie and her family flew home to Melbourne today, so probably aren't too far from home as we speak! Safe travelling guys!!

Here's some snaps from the weekend...

Jase and Michael hurtling towards the ground on the Giant Drop...There was NO WAY they were getting me on this. I've done it once, and NEVER again!!

The boys on the log ride...L-R Peter, Jase, Michael and Lachlan

and with WET Daks!!

Ella and me on Dorothy's Tea cup ride...she loved Wiggle world!

Meeting Wags the dog. We also met Captain Feathersword, but she was less than impressed with him! LOL

At the Big Brother House, in the garden outside the Combi van...hence the Peace symbol from me!! LOL L-R Kellie(my sister), me, Kylie and Peter.
The house really is very small. TV makes it look huge, but really it isn't!

Michael and me on the Wipeout...before all the squealing!! LOL

A cute pic of Ella and Brooke

The kids! L-R: Zac, Ella, Lachlan, Brooke and Michael.

Everybody! L-R: Nadine, me, Ella, Jase, Zac, Lachlan, Peter, Brooke, Kylie(front), Kellie and Michael.

And yesterday with my gorgeous cousin, Kylie!

I hope you had a great weekend!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Leanne Stamatellos said...

sounds like a huge weekend - I bet there will be heaps of scrapping happening with so many great photos.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend Chelle and no way you would get me up on that DROP ride... Can't wait until you have number 6 Idol done.. I will be back for a peek xxx

Happy scrapping xxx