Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year and a Birthday wish

Happy New Year everyone...or well, that's what I'll be wishing you in about 5 hrs!!
Have a good night, with whatever you are doing. It's wet and miserable here, in Brisbane tonight. It's been shocking weather due to the big low that was supposed to be a cyclone, but didn't eventuate! A good night to stay in, and do some scrapping!! LOL

I also want to wish my Sister-in-law Tracey a very Happy Birthday for today. She goes to a party every year for her lucky is she??
We popped over today and had a nice lunch with her and gave her a pressie!!
Have a great night tonight, Tracey.

Here's a pic of Tracey with Zac at Christmas time.

See you in 2008!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Binxcat1 said...

Glad to hear that all you banana benders ;) are safe and the weather didn't get as nasty as expected... have a great one and catch you about in the New Year

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Chelle Can't wait to chat again in 2008.. Thank you for you lovely friendship xxx I had a lovely time scrapping with you sweet at the retreat and hope we get together again some time in the coming year xxx Stay Happy scrapping Chelle xxxx

Leanne Stamatellos said...

want some company tonight Michelle. It's 10.15pm and I could be scrapping but instead I'm checking out the blogs - hope the new year brings clear skies.
Best wishes!

Jodie said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR chellebelle!
hehe sorry if u hate that name i always seem to call u it :P
hope 2008 kicks some ass for you and ur family.