Saturday, 29 December 2007

Sanctuary Cove visit

We headed down the Gold Coast to Sanctuary Cove today. My Uncle John and Aunty Jackie are up on holidays for Christmas from Melbourne. Jackie's Mum and Dad have just bought a beautiful BIG home at Sanctuary Cove. It's such a beautiful spot down there, and the homes are stunning. We headed out to the Marina for lunch, which was delicious. Had to have prawns! LOL

Lucky we went today, the weather here in Qld is supposed to be turning bad tonight. They have evacuated all the campers from Fraser Island and surrounding areas due to the wild weather. It was quite windy down at Sanctuary Cove, and windy at home when we got back. Having a quiet day in tomorrow...means I might get a little scrapping done! :)

Here's Zac and Ella at lunch today...

My Uncle and Aunt...Zac took this. Can you tell?

Zac...Ella took this! I cropped it a little, but not bad for a 2 yr old!!

We bought the kids a DVD player for the car a few months back(it's great for long trips - I can highly recommend one), so that's what the headphones are for. Check out Ella on the way home!!

My kids are obsessed with taking photos...probably because of their Mum sticking a camera in their face all the time! Talk about the paparazzi!!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Julie said...

Little Ella looks like she's enjoyed a big day out ... how cute!
Hope you all stay safe with the nasty weather they are predicting up there.
Here's cheers for a Happy New Year!!

scrapwitch said...

wow that sound like a fab day ..but great to be home safe and sound...lloks like you had a wonderful christmas chelle...
all the best for the new uear ba e,and i hope to see you some time this coming year ..happy holidays to you,your family and a special one for your mum

tracey said...

oh how much fun can u have just after xmas -- lots!

Reading your blog it looks like your family have had an awesome christmas - and i hope you have a fabulous new year especially with the news of SM publishing - go girl!

Will catch ya in the new year no doubt - have fun!

ScrapManda said...

She's blowing a gale today here Chelle - lucky you're not down the coast! So will we be seeing more Chelle pics now if they littlies are getting the camera bug??

Susan said...

Chelle, what cute photos! I like th eone of your and your sister and Mum as well - will enjoy seeing that one scrapped!

Happy New Year.

I trust the wind will not be too strong where you are. It's rainy and windy up here too, but not really bad at all.

Since you're staying in, here's something fun to do - I've tagged you! Here are the rules I was given:

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Maren said...

Great pics! I love the one of your daughter sleeping....Adorable & very scrapable!!

gypsyangel said...

Happy New Year Chelle.