Thursday, 13 December 2007

The BEE movie, visiting Santa and cupcakes!!

Yesterday I took the kids to see the Bee movie. It was great...they LOVED it!! A very cute movie. Ella fell asleep in the last 30 mins. LOL That was fun!!

Then we headed to do a few send the last of my Christmas cards...YAY, they're all done!! We wandered past Santa, and there was only one lot of people there, so I thought now or never! Ella has being scared of Santa this year...not sure why. So, when I said we were going to see Santa she freaked! She kept telling me "NO" and "I don't want him!". I told the elf and Santa our problem, and the Santa was excellent. He chatted to Zac, and asked him what he wanted and she seemed ok. She actually warmed to him in the end, even gave him a Hi-5!! Although, I had to sit on Santa's lap with Ella on my hip! I'll show you when I get the pic back!

Today we've had a quiet day. We've made baby cupcakes, which the kids helping to make! Yummo...a delish afternoon tea today! Zac has already taste-tested one, so not sure if there will be any left for Daddy tonight.

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx

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Jodie said...

those cupcakes look yummy!!!
that movie sounds good too i want to see it :D