Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas with Nanny Sue

We had our Christmas get together with Nanny Sue yesterday. Nanny Sue is Jase's Dad's ex-partner. Got it?

We have a lunch with her every year to celebrate Christmas. The kids love it, as they get spoilt rotten. Lots of presents for the kids, which they love. It was a really nice day and everyone had a good time.

Here's some pics...
Little Miss Amelia(She's 2 mths now)

The kids having a picnic lunch

Ella and Seth playing blocks

I had to share this photo. Zac's cousin Mel, got a jewellery set yesterday, so they got to work and made some necklaces, with Aunty Manda's help. Zac has barely taken his off. I took this photo today, and yes, he let me take it off to go to bed. Apparently, it's his surfie necklace! LOL

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


ScrapManda said...

Hey Zac....love your surfie necklace mate....very cool ;)

tracey said...

too cute -- i think my little fellow said his was a surfy one too when he was little - lol - i promise to pop over to the stampshak soon for a chinwag but i have been so busy of late -- but the me time racking up pretty fast - so i will chat with you soon...oh and how cute is zac at his graduation.... way too cute!

Lexie said...

Love the necklace Zac.

Love your slide show!

Jodie said...

aw zac is adorable and i love his necklace he made, skilled jeweler :D


Crazymumm said...

What sweet little cake makers... and I heard all about the Bee movie at the checkout just yesteday...

"It's not funny you know" its sad and made the little girl who was telling about it cry..... So I just have to see now xxxx

Go the Surfer guy xxx