Thursday, 22 February 2007

Reality Scrap - Week 3

I've finished off my L/O for this week. It was a Back to Basics Challenge, using at least 3 sheets of Bazzill. One had to be a bling or scalloped edge Bazzill - I used both.
I used this cute pic of Ella, that I took at a park last month. She had heaps of fun that day.

Speaking of Ella, she's become quite the little parrot. She saying lots of work and has a special spot for "her daddy" of late. If you ask where Daddy is, it's he's at work. She told me it was raining this afternoon, when it was bright sunshine. She loves trying out new words.
We've also began that scary job of toilet-training. Daycare have suggested we start so, here we go again....the long slow process of wet knickers and puddles on my polished floors! Dare I mention the "other sort"!!
So, we went out and bought "Dora" knickers last week. They are a real hit - if you're wondering who Dora is, she's a little Spanish girl, who is quite the rage at the moment, well, for 18mth olds anyway!! - it's a TV show!
This morning we had some knicker time and she thought her knickers were for holding building blocks. She came out of her bedroom with 3 in her knickers. Zac was making her an aeroplane out of blocks, but she was more intrested with carrying them around...made me laugh! :-)

Will keep you posted on how we go...

Here's my L/O!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Steph said...

that page is gorgeous chelle good luck on the TTing!!!!

Louise said...

Chelle ~ Love this LO :)