Monday, 19 February 2007

Emily Falconbridge Challenge

A few of the girls at Scrapbooking Memories Forum told me about the very talented Emily Falconbridge, and her Card Art Challenge, so being always up for a challenge, I've decided to take part, and loving it.
The idea is to create a little piece of Art on a selected theme each week on a playing card. Very cool, huh?

Here are the themes so far:
Week 1: Something/Someone you're proud of - my husband
Week 2:What's powerful to me? - my love for my family
Week 3: I am... - we had to complete the sentence
Week 4: your favourite symbol - a heart
Week 5: some emphera from your week(ticket, receipt, etc) - I saw Dream girls that week, so used that as mine
Week 6: Love - I did mine on things I love

This is what my cards look like to date...

Weeks 1-5

and this week's card, about LOVE!

and the back...

I've just realised in posting this, that I've put Seafood twice on my card...DOH! I'll have to think of something else, but I really do LOVE Seafood! LOL

You're lucky....2 posts in one day! :-)

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


marie said...

wow love your cards, it's so much fun doing the card every week,cant wait to see what you do next

Emily Falconbridge said...

hi! so happy you are joining the journey! your cards are sooo cool, so free and fun and made me so happy to look at!

Louise said...

Hi Chelle

Woooow and Hooley Dooley {and I dont just mean your cards} lol.

Way to go Chelle

Louise :)x

Scrapmanda said...

Awesome challenge Chelle - lovin' your cards!

Jenny Boyd said...

gorgeous cards! I just presumed you MEANT to put seafood twice because you loved it so much lol!