Monday, 1 January 2007

Christmas and New Year

Haven't I been a bad Blogger lately!

Can you believe it's 2007? It'll take me months to get use to writing that. I've got some Christmas pics to share with you.

We spent Saturday 23rd Dec with my family this year, as our "family" Christmas. Was nice, we usually always spend Christmas Day with my family and Boxing day with Jase's, but this year did it round the other way. Had fun, the kids were spoilt rotten, by Nana and Pa and Kel and the gang!
Christmas eve we headed to Jase's older sister, Tracey's place. We had Christmas with Jase's family and Barrie's(my BIL)family. Lots of bodies to house, and a few tents pitched in the backyard to accomodate everyone. They are on acreage, so there was plenty of room. A great few days was had by all. Lucky we left a note for Santa, to say we were at Aunty Trace's. Zac was very addamant about this! He really got into it this year. Woke up and looked out the window just in case the reindeers were still there....very cute!
Here are a couple of pics.
Look what Zac got for Christmas....his crazy Aunt and Uncle bought him a drum kit. My cute nephew is only 6 mths, but can't wait to find the noisiest toy possible for his Birthday!!(He He)

Ella's favourite toy was a Princess Tea Set. A big hit!!

A family photo of all of Jase's side of the family!

We had a quiet New Year...happy to stay home. My sis, Kel and her family came over. They got an eyetoy for their Playstation 2, so the Challenge was on. Was heaps of fun! We only live about 5km's from the City, and at Alderley, are quite high(We live on a hill). So, we walked up the top of the street to watch the fireworks. Great view, and we were up there with about 30 others, popping champagne and sending New Year wishes. Lots of bring in 2007!

Chat soon,
Chelle Xx


Sara said...

Even though it must be noisy, Zac looks so cute in that photo!!!

bloggedissue said...

I made my mil a diary for christmas, and managed to put 2006 on the cover. d'uh

And why is it that people like to buy other people's kids the noisy toys?!!!

Scrapmanda said...

A drum kit hey???!!! Have fun with your revenge!!