Saturday, 13 April 2013

Smash Album

I love Smash Albums!
With me not getting much time to scrap these days, a page here and there
doesn't take me too long and feels like I'm actually completing some pages
and adding to my yearly book!

I am keeping a yearly book of achievements, milestones, events and generally
things I'd like to remember from that year.

Are you doing a Smash Album?
I'd love to hear what theme you are doing in your book?

Here's 2 pages I've done this weekend...gotta love a rainy wet day to play
with paper!

This double page was photos from my daughter, Ella's 7th Birthday party
last September. After attending a friend's party at Petite Princess Parlour, she
desperatly wanted one of her own.
It's a little girl's dream party. Great for Mum's too...I didn't have to do a thing.
They did it all. How could we go wrong?


My next double page is our Christmas Camping trip last year to North Stradbroke
Island. We love Straddie. It's a beautiful spot. We always go with my BIL and SIL and 
the cousins. Lots of fishing, swimming, 4WDriving and fun stuff.
Brings back memories just scrapping about it!

I adore this art...playing with paper, glue and all that goes with it.
Just wish my day job let me have a little more time dabbling in it!

Chat soon,


Anonymous said...

I love smash too Michelle and these pages are fab!i love how you got so many photos on the one page :-)

Michelle Jamieson said...

Thanks Kaitlynne! xx