Sunday, 14 April 2013

School Photos

We began the start of the 2013 School Term with rain.
I ALWAYS take a pic of the first day of the kids in their school uniforms.
For Grandma mainly, as she keeps a running yearly pic of each and every
grandchild through their school years. She has a room with a huge buffet and
it's filled with photos of her own children, their partners and of course the 6 grandchildren.
I love looking at the huge display of photos to see how much we and the kids have changed.
I was there just yesterday, and found myself ogling at all the pics. Such wonderful memories.
I love that she does that. Who doesn't love photos?

Anyways, this post is mainly for Grandma. I promise the pics will be on their way
this week to you for that beautiful big buffet.

Zac started a new school this year. He began at an all boys school and is just loving it.
It's quite common here in Brisbane, for boys to begin a new Private Catholic School
for Grade 5. He refers to it as "Boy Heaven". So much for them to do...they certainly
keep them occupied. With Zac so into his sport, they certainly offer him plenty of that too.
He's just finished Cricket and is about to start Rugby this term.

Ella started Grade 2 this year and has Zac's teacher from last year, Mrs Davis.
She's doing fabulously well so far. She's even started hervery first year of Netball
and is loving it.

Here's both of them in their Uniforms.

Hope you arehaving a lovely weekend.
It's been very wet today here in Brisbane.
Great for catching up on blog posts!

Chat soon,

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