Saturday, 2 March 2013

My trip to Hong Kong - Day Eight

Our adventure was coming to an end.
Time to head back home to Australia later today.

We began with a good sleep in, as our flight was at 7pm Hong Kong time,
or 9pm Brissy time. We all met for breakfast about 9am.
Nothing like a cooked hot breakfast to start your day.
Even better if someone else cooks it for you!

Last minute running about to nearby shops by some of the girls,
not me as my suitcase was already at capacity!
We were picked up by the Airport Shuttle after lunch.
We arrived in plenty of time and made use of the FREE Wifi that Hong Kong airport has.
So I decided to Skype Jase and the kids before the long trek home.
Love that technology is so easy to keep in touch these days!

Time to get a coffee, check our bags(and pay my excess luggage charge) and off to do
some Duty Free shopping! Oh and to get some snacks for the trip home.

Here's a few pics I took on my Iphone at Hong Kong airport.
It's a huge place.

Finally hopped on the plane about 6.30pm and took off at 7pm!
They like to feed you on Virgin Atlantic...felt like we were eating all the time!
Yum food though.
After eating, Em(my seat buddy) and I settling in to watch some TV.
She got onto a movie and I started my "Sons of Anarchy" marathon on my Ipad!
Time flew by. Felt a little tired...had a dazed snooze for about 90mins and awoke
with a sore neck. Ouch! Spent the rest of the flight back on my Ipad marathon
munching on M'n'M's! Why are planes so uncomfortable to sleep on?

This was my view outside my window as dawn broke over Australia!
Yay...nearly home!


We arrived back about 7am into Sydney International airport.
Stress levels escalated when the giant line through Customs wasn't moving
very fast? We had a flight back to Brissy at 10am and we had to be checked in
by 9am! We've never moved so fast!!
On the train to the Domestic Airport...we made it!
Time to relax grab something to drink before hopping on this next flight very tired
and weary. Man I was tired by this stage. Just over 24hrs and 90mins sleep, didn't help!
Arrived home in Brisbane to a lovely happy welcoming party at the Gate!
Jase brought the kids out and I was glad to see them...all of them.
Home to unpack the bag and give out the presents and into catch up on
some sleep...Bliss!

I had a wonderful time in Hong Kong.
I'd highly recommend it as a holiday destination.
Loved my time there and hope to take the kids back at some stage.

Thought I'd share a few interesting signs from my trip!
Saw this sign at Hong Kong Airport!

Pretty sure I wasn't carryig any of these...Alarming much?

Saw this sign on the bus as we left for one of our Tours...What the??
Thought that was just common sense?? No spitting??

This sign was at the Sky 100 Tower.
This is how you become a Professional Photographer! Lol.

Chat soon,

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