Thursday, 14 February 2013

My trip to Hong Kong - Day Seven

Day Seven holiday was nearly over.

My sister Kellie and I got up extra early and headed for the Hong Kong
Zoological and Botanical Gardens. It's on Hong Kong Island, so we hopped
on the MTR(Railway) and had arrived in no time.
We then had to walk a few blocks...uphill, I might add.
I even had to peel off my jacket, I got so hot!
I soon put it back on again, once I'd cooled down.

How amazing is this park?
Nestled in the heart of a big city. 

Here's me standing near the fountain...

There were plenty of local people in the park doingTai-Chi,
smiling, listening to music and enjoying "their" time.
Beautiful cool morning for it.

Check out this picturesque pond...Beautiful!
It was full of giant goldfish!

Then it was off to find the animals.
We saw monkeys, flamingoes, orangutans, a raccoon and LOTSof birds.
There is the most magnificent big bird aviary...incredible!

Here's my sister, Kel in the big aviary... 

We were both amazed by the orange are they?

Once we'd had a look at the Zoo, we headed back to the Hotel.
Theothers had opted for a sleep-in instead. Lots of exploring and all
before morning tea time.

For the rest of theday it was shopping time for anything else we wanted.
I headed off on my own for a few hrs, to check out the shops and grab
some lunch. I felt very safe in Hong Kong. There's always lots of people around,
it's so hustle and bustle. Very easy place to manoeuvre around too.

My feet started to hurt, so I headed back to the Hotel to start packing my suitcase
and to make sure everything I purchased would fit? Thankfully, it did.
I was willing to post some home if it wasn't going to fit?

I rested up for a few hrs before getting ready to head off to the Hong Kong Races.
We met at 5.30pm to head off to the Hong Kong Jockey Club.
I love the Races, so had been looking forward to this.
Our tour let us into the Members section with a big Buffet dinner and plenty of
wine to boot! I was set...
Just 3 of us went to the Races.

Here's Kel and I enjoying a glass of wine with dinner.

Dino enjoying her dinner...

Getting ready to load them in...Dino and I on the balcony!
We were up on the 8th floor!

Here they come past the post!

Betting wasn't that much different to her in Australia. It's all
win/place and trifecta...the main ways you can bet.
The fun part was working out how much you'd won?

Here's me with my big winner of the night...Woohoo!
I actually came home with more that I went with.
Gotta love that!

 Race 5 we went down the mounting yard to see the horses in the mounting yard
and at ground view. That was cool. We even got let into the mounting yard
after the horses left for the track.

 Us on the finish line!

The big race of the night, saw Aussie jockey Brett Preble win!
A big cheer went up from all the Aussie's in the crowd when he
came back in.

 Brett Preble with the owners and sponsors.

A fabulous night was had by all.
Awesome seeing it in real life and experiencing it all!
Back to the bus and headed for home...tired, weary, a little
tipsy and with full pockets! Loved that!

Another day complete!

Chat soon,

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