Sunday, 7 October 2012

School Holidays Wrap Up

I'm not actually sure where 2 weeks have actually gone?
It always seems like a long time when you are just beginning,
but when you reach the other end...time flies!

Zac had a mishap on Saturday morning which saw 6 stitches in his knee.
Very sore and sorry for himself, with a few low key days. Been ongoing
with Dr visit's but happy to say the stitches were taken out last Wed and it's
all healing ok. The Dr even gave him the ok to ride his motorbike while away
 on the camping trip. He had a grin from ear to ear after thinking he was going
to say No! Zac likes him!

We saw a couple of movies..Madagascar 3 and Hotel Transylvania.

I can honestly say I enjoyed both these movies. Madagascar 3 was fabulous.
I'd consider it nearly the best of the 3. Maybe because it was a Circus theme
with lots of colour? Gotta love a good circus!

Hotel Transylvania was funny too. Count Dracula's weird and wacky Hotel for
monster folk was quite entertaining. Great story behind this one too.
Thumbs up for both movies from us!

Both kids had a Birthday Party to attend. Ella had a Disco Party, while Zac went to
his mates Movie pick followed by a play at their home. Both had a fabulous time.

The middle weekend of the holidays saw us travel back up to Manar Park, up near Mundubbera/Gayndah in the South Burnett...some 4 hrs away for a Motorbike Camping trip.
That's another post that I'll tell you about soon.

After getting back Monday, we did the usual cleaning up of the camping gear,
putting it away and catching up on the washing and picking Bud up from the Cattery.

Wednesday and Thursday we had 2 little visitors stay with us for a sleepover.
My niece and nephew...Millie(4) and Seth(6) had a fun stay with us.
Kids played happily, had fun although not sure I could cope with 4 kids all the time?
I take my hat off to Mothers of 4!

That brings us to this weekend...Quiet one after the excitement of the last one.
Bike ride for Zac and I yesterday, another Dr appt for the dreaded knee, some cooking
for school lunches, some scrapping, sewing and Bathurst.
All day my inner bogan!

 Hope you have had a great holiday break too!

 Chat soon,

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Leonie said...

Holidays just wizz by far to quickly!
Sorry about your little mans knee, ouch!
Certainly sounds like you've packed heaps of fun stuff into the holidays. :)