Friday, 29 June 2012

Simple Plan

I LOVE the band Simple Plan!

When I saw they were coming back to Brissy after being here just last year,
I had to go! Even better they were playing a Pub not far from me, just a few weeks ago. The totally revamped Eaton's Hill Hotel.
Great location and they have a great Function area for bands just like this...

They are from Montreal, Quebec in Canada!
Band members are:
Pierre, Chuck, Sebastian, Jeff and David!

Personally, my favourite is Pierre, the lead singer!

That's a photo my friend Lisa took. Yep, we were that close.
I swear my ear took over a day to recover...the speaker I was standing near was LOUD!!!
The kind you can feel pulsing through your body...was crazy!!

 If you don't what Simple Plan's one of my favourites!

You can see Brisbane on their Vlog of this Aussie tour here...

They had 2 Support Bands that came on first. The first was the Never Ever,
a young Aussie band, which were pretty good.
Then to my delight...We the Kings...were also here supporting Simple Plan!
Very cool, indeedy!

If you're not sure what they sing, you'll know this...
It's all over the radio at the moment!

 Awesome night out...I LOVED it!

Chat soon,

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