Sunday, 17 June 2012

Ipswich Cup 2012

I love a good Race meeting!
Our yearly date with the races is the Ipswich Cup.
Jase and I both did our High School years up there,
although we live in Brisbane now.
So, there's plenty of people we know up that way!

We started early, with a 6am wake up call.
By the time you have breaky, do hair, makeup and get dressed it's 9am!!
Jase and I had a quick pic before we left Tracey's...Jase's sisters place.


Off to Kimmy's for our annual Champagne Breakfast!
Kimmy lives only a few blocks from the Turf Club, so easy walking distance.
Here's Kimmy, Trace and I just before we headed off to the big event.


We were in the Bacardi Breezer tent in the infield.
The day was beautiful. 24 degrees, bright sunshine and no wind. Just delightful!

The bubbles flowed early...

 Trace and I...


 Jason and his mate, Lukey!


 Jase and I...


 Trace and I late in the day!


Always nice catching up with old friends!
This is my school friend Vanessa...hasn't changed a bit
 and is as gorgeous as ever!


After the Races we headed over to the band to meet up with a few friends.
Ran in to plenty of them!
Then, across to the Racehorse Hotel and danced til my feet
couldn't take it any more. A bite to eat and home to bed!
Another big day out.
Loved it, as always!

Chat soon,

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