Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lexie's 40th Birthday

Thought I'd update on what I've been up to, seeing I haven't been blogging much!
Time just seems to get away at times...

My dear friend, Karen or Lexie as I know her...her online name.
I'm not sure I've called her Karen more than 5 times since I've known her...
She's Lexie or Lex to me!

I met Lex some years ago, through the wonderful online scrapbooking world,
here in Australia. We both share a fabulous passion for paper and glue!
Since meeting her online, way back in 2006 from memory and then in real life
in April 2007. She's a dear friend to me and I love her lots!

So, this lovely lady turned 40 recently.
She had a big party to celebrate the Milestone day!
Held at her sweet sister's house, it was a fabulous setting!
My friend Leanne did all the photos for Lex. They were sensational!

Here's me with the Birthday girl!

With Lex and the Scrapchat girls!

Nothing like a Photo Booth shot!

Love this one of Jase and I...

A fun one with Susan and Manda!

Seriously, who can resist the Slushie Machine?

Loved every minute of the party and spending some time with my favourite Scrap girls!
Thanks for inviting us to spend your special night with you!
Love ya, Lex!

Chat soon,

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